Empowerment Effects of the Chronic Mental Ill's Volunteer Program

정신장애인 자원봉사 프로그램의 임파워먼트 효과

  • Published : 2004.08.31


The purpose of this study is to systemize volunteer program for the people with chronic mental health problems to participate in helping the community as service providers not receivers, and then to examine empowerment effects of this volunteer program. The distinctive feature of this program was to volunteer the mental ill to help other people. Therefore, this volunteer program had specially strengthened preliminary stage which make not only the mental ill be ready to work but also the community to use them as volunteer, and to invite general citizen of the community as co-volunteers. The result showed this program empowered the mental disorders to have more positive self-concept. It revealed that co-volunteer's attitude toward the mental disorders was changed positively through this program, also. These results told us not only the chronic mental ill could be volunteers helping others using their abilities, but also this activity would make their self-image better and citizen's perception toward mental disorder less prejudiced. The volunteer program presented in this paper was expected to be useful for their empowerment and social integration.


chronic mental ill;volunteer program;empowerment;attitude toward mental disorders