Rethinking Knowledge Base of Social Work Practice

사회복지 실천의 지식기반과 학문적 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.11.30


As one of the essential elements of social work practice, knowledge articulates what the social work profession is doing and ought to do. With an emphasis on building a body of knowledge for the profession, this study analyses the nature of social work knowledge. First, the study examines concepts of social work theories and models, which are built around separate clusters of concepts from a broad base of theoretical orientation. The study reviews epistemological and ideological debates over how to perceive and approach social issues and the role of the social work profession. In organizing a clear conceptual framework for social work practice, different frames of reference and selective and fragmentary knowledge from other disciplines are considered barriers. For the development of a clear identity as a unified profession and the prospects of a value-based profession, more attention needs to be given to specify practical knowledge that is contextual and appropriate to practice settings and more sensitive to social issues.