Comparison of analytical method of headspace and tenax analysis for residue of solvent amounts on plastic packaging materials

Headspace 방법과 tenax 방법을 이용한 잔존 용제 분석 방법의 비교

  • An, Duek-Jun (Division of Food Resources and Manufacturing/Research Center of Natural Science SunMoon University)
  • 안덕준 (선문대학교 응용생물과학부 식품과학과/자연과학연구소)
  • Published : 2004.03.31


The regulations for migration amounts in USA, EU and Korea are investigated to compare the actual overall and specific migration date from plastic food packaging materials. Among the packaging materials regulated in above countries, printing ink solvents on packaging materials is used very widely and sometimes cause off-flavor in the food by migration of residual solvents. Even though migration of the residual solvents dose not generally cause safety problems in the contained food, it certainly can generate off-flavor and finally deteriorate quality of the finished product. Therefore regulation and development of analytical method for amount of residual ink solvents are very important issue in food industry. The headspace analytical method and tenax method for residual ink solvent on food packaging materials were evaluated from the accuracy, precise, swiftness and convenience of viewpoint. Headspace analytical method was selected and recommended for using in food industry field.