A Practical Methodology for Determination of Derived Intervention Levels on Relocation Following a Nuclear Accident

원자력 사고후 주민의 이주를 위한 유도개입준위 산정의 실용적 방법론

  • Published : 2004.06.30


A practical methodology for the determination of derived intervention levels (DILs) on relocation following an accidental release of radionuclides was designed based on dose rate on the ground. The influence of DILs was investigated with respect to the change of parameter values, which are dependent on socio-environmental characteristics in distinction from temporary and permanent relocations. The DILs on relocation showed a distinct difference depending on effective removal half-life of radionuclides following a deposition, delay time in measurement and residential characteristics. In particular, the delay time. In measurement was an important factor in determination of DILs in the case of an assumption that dose rate on the ground declines in a power function, not in an exponential function. The DILs showed lower numerical values as longer effective half-life, longer delay time In measurement and longer exposure time.


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