Review on the Working Hours of Radiation Work Plan for ECT through In-service Inspection

원전 가동중 ECT 검사 방사선 작업시간 고찰

  • Published : 2004.03.30


As a part of In-service Inspection works in a nuclear power plant, Eddy Current Testing through all the outage of nuclear power plants has been controlled by the radiation management. From the case study about the periodical ECT work, the exposed dose rate of worker has announced over the organized dose rate before the radiation work, it affects the personnel exposed dose management and radiation work permit issue. It is not easy to get some information about ECT related working hours, scope of work and how many workers to forecast the radiation working and the predict dose exposure. It should be need the data accumulation about ECT related radiation work to prepare the ALARA achievement and the radiation work plan for dose mitigation. We can discuss a few information about ECT related radiation working issue for the application of predict dose exposure on this paper.


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