Manufacture of a Gamma-ray Source using the Neutron Activation and Determination of a HPGe Detector Efficiency

중성자 방사화법을 이용한 감마선원 제조 및 HPGe 검출기 효율 결정

  • Published : 2004.03.30


In order to save time and money needed in the purchase commonly used gamma-ray standard sources, a new radioactive standard source was manufactured by the neutron activation of some regent in the research reactor HANARO. The source was manufactured with an aqueous solution by mixing and dissolving the irradiated reagents. The manufactured source was compared with a commercial standard source. It was confirmed that it could be used as an efficiency calibration source. Also, in order to compare the variation of efficiency due to the volume difference for various containers used in radioactivity assay, the efficiency variation as a function of sample volume was investigated.


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