Acridine Orange Stained Micronucleus Assay in Human B and T-lymphocytes after Low Dose ${\gamma}-irradiation$

아크리딘 오렌지 형광염색법을 이용한 저선량 감마선 유도 말초혈액 B와 T-림프구 미소핵 분석

  • Choi, Jeong-Mi (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Kim, Hee-Sun (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Yang, Kwang-Hee (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Kim, Cha-Soon (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Lim, Yong-Khi (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Kim, Chong-Soon (Radiation Health Research Institute, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation) ;
  • Woon, Jae-Ho (National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service)
  • 최정미 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 김희선 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 양광희 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 김차순 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 임영기 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 김종순 (한국수력원자력(주) 방사선보건연구원) ;
  • 운재호 (국립수의과학검역원)
  • Published : 2004.03.30


Firstly, we compared the two staining techniques, Giemsa and Acridine orange, to determine micronuclei on samples of cultures of five healthy human peripheral blood lymphocytes after ${\gamma}-irradiation\;(^{137}Cs)$ in dose ranges of 0 to 800cGy. It was found that the Acridine orange staining method gives more reliable results than the usual Giemsa staining method in micronucleus tests. Moreover, the frequency of micronuclei in cytokinesis-blocked human B-lymphocytes was studied after in vitro irradiation in dose ranges of 0 to 50cGy. After setting and separating the B-lymphocytes, the frequency of radiation-induced micronuclei were observed as the end-point markers for the low-dose radiation dosimetry after staining with Giemsa and Acridine orange dyes. The micronuclei frequency in B-lymphocytes was significantly elevated from 10 to 30cGy ${\gamma}-irradiation$. The determination of micronuclei in B-lymphocytes after staining with Acridine orange was higher than that of Giemsa. The frequency of micronuclei in B-lymphocytes was observed to be at least two times higher than those of T-lymphocytes Giemsa in dose increasing. Therefore, the determination of low-dose radiation-induced micronuclei in B-lymphocytes after staining with Acridine orange is likely to have the greatest potential in the estimation of low dose radiation exposure.


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