A Dscriptive Study on Educational and Counseling needs of Breast Cancer Patients Based on the Treatment Stages

치료시기에 따른 유방암 환자들의 교육 및 상담 요구에 관한 조사 연구

  • Published : 2003.02.28


The purpose of this study was to identify key educational and counseling needs of breast cancer patients in Korea. The data were collected from 102 breast cancer survivors. The instrument consisted of 66 items and the items were divided into five treatment stages: pre-admission, admission, discharge, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The subjects' mean age was 50 years and most of them were housewives. All had a mastectomy and among them 69 had chemotherapy and 42 had radiation therapy. Average post-surgical period was 47 months. The mean score of the subjects' needs was 2.99 out of 4 points. The highest educational need was to know about the method of recurrence prevention. In terms of the treatment stages, mean score for pre-admission was 3.09, admission 3.06, chemotherapy 3.03, after discharge 2.95, and radiation therapy 2.80. In the pre-admission period, etiology, diagnostic tests, treatment and prevention of the breast cancer were needed the most. During the admission period, symptom management after the operation had the highest score. After discharge, prevention of recurrence had the highest score. The results of this research will help in developing educational and counseling programs by understanding the specific needs of breast cancer patients based on the treatment stages.