A Web-based Environmental Education System for Elementary School Students

초등학생을 위한 웹기반 환경교육 시스템

  • Chae, Yeong-Uk (Seoul Changdong Elementary School) ;
  • Jun, Woo-Chun (Seoul National University of Education. Dept, of Computer Education)
  • 채영욱 (서울 창동 초등학교) ;
  • 전우천 (서울교육대학교 컴퓨터교육과)
  • Published : 2003.03.30


Environmental problems can be dealt in the diverse areas such as engineering, public administration, and law. However, the education on environmental preservation is conceived as the fundamental solution for environmental problems, because the education can make the person of action. Specifically, building the attitude and habit of environmental preservation through environmental education is the effective and efficient way of environmental preservation. This research was conducted to develop an education system that is designed to build students' attitude and habit of environmental preservation through acquiring knowledge and functions of natural environment. The proposed system supports diverse learning activities such as writing, drawing, listening natural sounds and music, and problem solving. The system is technically designed on the Web to promote students' creativity and autonomy, and also are theoretically based on constructivism to build the will of environmental preservation. Moreover, the proposed Web-based system includes diverse functions such as classes, material resources, environmental quiz pool, environmental work gallery, which motivate students' learning activities. Therefore the proposed Web-based system is expected as an effective tool to achieve the goals of environmental education such as acquiring environmental knowledge and functions, building attitude of environmental preservation, and participating in the environmental preservation activities.