Social Issues Arising from the Establishment of a National DNA Database

신원확인 유전자정보은행 설립을 둘러싼 쟁점 연구

  • Published : 2003.12.01


The use of DNA in identification is growing. The criminal DNA databases are in operation in some countries including the UK, Austria, Germany, and US. The militaries and law enforcement agencies in these countries have used the DNA profile. In Korea, DNA identification has been used in determining paternity and in criminal cases since the middle 1990's, and in recent years law enforcement agencies are promoting a national DNA database for identification. The DNA database threatens our civil liberties because of its potential to be used as an instrument of surveillance. Expanding the database puts increasing numbers of people on a 'list of suspects'. Nevertheless, there is little social concern about using DNA database for identification. This paper reviews social issues related to the establishment of DNA database and investigates the features of DNA profile and DNA Database establishment project promoted law enforcement agencies.