The Nursing Behavior and Support of Mother and Grandmother for Infant under 24 Months in Age

24개월 미만 영아에 대한 어머니와 조모의 양육행동과 양육지원

  • Jang, Hye-Ja (Education Center of Educare Teacher and Research Institute of College of Human Ecology, Chungbuk National Univ.)
  • 장혜자 (충북대학교 보육교사교육원 및 생활과학연구소)
  • Published : 2003.04.30


The purposes of this study were to compare the nursing behavior and support between mother as a housewife who has the first infant under 24 months in age and grandmother, and to analyze what mother's nursing behavior was affected by that of grandmother. The subjects were 60 pairs of mother and grandmother on mother's side or father's side and the inquiry paper method and interview were used for this study. The results of analyses for this study are as follows: The first, the nursing behaviors in the past and at the present from mother's perception were considerably different between two groups in the affection and concern aspects. The second, the perceived nursing behaviors by mother and mother-side grandmother's were considerably different in the educational aspect between two groups and mother-side grandmother's educational behavior was higher than that of mother. The third, mother's nursing support were given by husband at 1st and mother-side-grandmother in 2nd, but that of grandmother by husband at 1st and both mother-side- and father-side-grandmother in 2nd. The fourth, nursing support were not considerably different in all the aspects between two groups.