Load transfer mechanism due to tunnel excavation in the jointed sandy ground

불연속면을 포함한 사질토 지반에서 터널 굴착에 따른 하중전이

  • Published : 2003.09.01


This study is focused on the finding out load transfer mechanism in the ground near the tunnel during tunnel excavation in the jointed sandy ground. Laboratory model tests were performed on various cases of the overburden heights above tunnel crown, location, and degree of discontinuity planes. For model tests, a movable plate was installed in the midst of the bottom of sandy ground. This plate, moving downwards, was intended to model the stress relaxation during tunnel excavation. The load transfer was measured at the fixed separated bottom plates adjacent to the movable plate. As the result, the loosening zone and the load-transfer form around the tunnelling site were affected by the overburden height and the characteristics of discontinuous planes. And large loosening zone was developed along the discontinuous planes which were close to the tunnel.