Interference and Re-Inflow of Contaminated Air in Successive Tunnel

연속터널에서의 오염물질 재유입 및 환기영향평가

  • Published : 2003.06.01


Recently, there are many cases in the roadway design for successive tunnel with small distance between two tunnels. In this case, the degree of interference for successive tunnels is a significant consideration in the design of ventilation systems. Also, Re-inflows of contaminated air in successive tunnel make serious ventilation problems in case of fire accident in the tunnel. In this study, for successive tunnels in Donghae highway project, the concentration of contaminant such as CO, NOx and Smoke were calculated by numerical analysis using 1D and 3D-CFD analysis. And, the rate of re-inflow at the portals of successive tunnel according to the direction of wind were analysed.