Relationship Between Scrotal Circumference and Semen Production and Reproductive Performance in Hanwoo Bulls

한우 종모우의 고환둘레와 정액생산 및 번식과의 관계

  • Park, N.H. (Livestock Research Institute, NACF) ;
  • Lee, S.S. (Cattle Genetic Improvement Center, NACF) ;
  • Jeong, J. (Cattle Genetic Improvement Center, NACF) ;
  • Won, Y.S. (Hanwoo & Dairy Department, NACF) ;
  • Kim, N.S. (Dept. of Animal Science, Chungbuk National University)
  • 박노형 (농협중앙회 축산연구소) ;
  • 이성수 (농협중앙회 가축개량사업소) ;
  • 정준 (농협중앙회 가축개량사업소) ;
  • 원유석 (농협중앙회 한우낙농부) ;
  • 김내수 (충북대학교 축산학과)
  • Published : 2003.08.30


Scrotal measurements and semen production records of 19,742 during 7 years from 63 Hanwoo breeding bulls(6${\sim}$7 years of age) were used to determined the relationship between scrotal circumference(SC) and semen production including concentration and total number of sperm. The average of SC is 41.2$\pm$4.54cm; extreme ranges between a low of 34cm to a high of 48cm. Quantity of semen, concentration and total number of sperm are 5.47$\pm$0.89ml/ejaculation, 16.16${\pm}2.78{\times}10^8$/ml and 88.47${\pm}15.24{\times}10^8$/ejaculation, respectively. SC is positively correlated with semen production(0.14 with quantity of semen and 0.15 with total number of sperm). Reproduction data from 16 breeding bulls produced 1,289 offspring from spring 1993 to spring 2000 to examined relationship between SC and reproduction. Rate of fertility and delivery are 0.80$\pm$0.13 and 0.78$\pm$0.15, respectively. Also, SC is positively correlated with delivery rate(r=0.26) and favorably related to fertility rate(r=0.39). These results, that is, - SC correlates positively with semen production and with reproduction -, suggested that SC should be considered when selecting breeding bull.


Hanwoo;Scrotal circumfernence;Semen;Fertility


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