Effective Management Methods of the 7 Physical Education Curriculum

제7차 체육과 교육과정의 효과적 운영 방안

  • Published : 2003.12.31


This research was intended to have a grasp of the problems in physical education curriculum, After making an alternative plans of effective management. those were integrated and analyzed their own relations on the purpose of suggesting alternative plans to foster professionality of physical education teacher in order to improve real class of physical education. For this purpose, I referred to sundry records related with instruction of physical education teacher and also conducted a survey with 10 interviews such as researchers of central government education administration, and school commissioners in the ministry's provincial offices of education, professors in the university of pre-teacher training, and teachers involved in physical education. The conclusions were as follows; Physical education curriculum should be organized to reduce and diversify of the sport contents in various levels. Also, it should instruct students based on physical educational knowledge, and it is made up to know the achievement of goals through evaluation tools and development of rules having propriety and reliability. Such a physical educational curriculum developed from real class should inform continuously throughout the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development and educational organization of physical education teachers and network of the school and mass media. So, it makes most people's recognition raise up, and we need discretionary authority of physical education teacher about time allocation of 45 minutes or 50 minutes for variety of lessons. And we need systematic installation such as reorganization of completion field in level of school.