The Effects of a Full Body Massage on Apgar Score, Postparturm Mother′s Childbirth Experience and Mother-Infant Attachment

분만중 시행한 전신마사지가 신생아 아프가 점수, 분만경험 및 모아애착 반응에 미치는 효과

  • Published : 2003.10.01


Purpose: This study is designed to test the effects of a full body massage on Apgar score, postpartum mother's childbirth experience, and mother-infant attachment for primipara during labor. Method: Data were collected using a quasi-experiment method (nonequivalent control group, pre-post test design) from November 1, 2001 to July 31, 2002. The subjects for this experiment consist of 28 women in the experimental group and 29 in the control group, out of 57 primipara hospitalized at the U OB & GYN hospital in Inchon. A 20 minute full body massage was given to the experimental group on each of three delivery phases (latent, active, and transition), and a conventional delivery care to the control group. The experimental tools for the study are Apgar score scale developed by Apgar(1958), postpartum mother's childbirth experience scale developed by Marut and Mercer(1979), and mother-infant attachment scale developed by Cropley et al(1981). The data collected were analyzed using t-test, χ2 test, and ANCOVA on the SPSS program. Result: The results of the experiment are as follows: One minute(t=6.756, p=.000; F=9.181, p=.004), and five minute(t=6.129, p=.000; F=7.918, p=.007) Apgar score are increased significantly. Postpartum mother's childbirth experience is significantly increased(t=11.691, p=.000; F=11.741, p=.001). Verbal touch score(t=5.256, p=.000; F=7.169, p=.010), skin touch score(t=11.332, p=.000; F=27.073, p=.000), and total score(t=12.105, p=.000; F=30.104, p=.000) of postpartum mother's childbirth experience are significantly increased, but not for eye touch score(t=3.236, p=.002; F=.800, p=.375). Conclusion: This study shows that a full body massage has a significant positive effect on Apgar score, postpartum mother's childbirth experience. and mother-infant attachment. Therefore, it is suggested that the full body massage might be used clinically to help primipara during labor.