Carcass Grading Properties of Imported Beef Cattles Fed in Korea

국내에서 비육한 수입 생우의 도체등급 특성에 관한 연구

  • Park, B.Y. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Cho, S.H. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Kim, J.H. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Lee, W.S. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Kim, Y.K. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Ahn, C.N. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Kim, J.M. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA) ;
  • Yoon, S.G. (National Livestock Research Institute. RDA)
  • Published : 2003.02.28


This study was conducted to provide the information for the carcass grading properties of imported beef cattles fed in Korea. The cattles from 4 different breed such as Hereford, Angus, Murray Grey, Hereford${\times}$Angus were imported and slaughtered at 700kg(24 month). The Yield and Quality grading characteristics for 10 cattles from each breed were evaluated. Carcass weight of Murray Grey was lower than the other breed(p<0.05). The thickness of backfat was the lowest for Hereford(13.7mm) and followed by Hereford${\times}$Angus(17.30mm), Angus(18.20mm) and Murray Grey(18.90mm). Hereford had the highest Yield index(64.63%) and Murray Grey had the lowest Yield index(62.43)(p<0.05). The frequency percentages of marbling degree for Angus having the 1++ over degrees were 50% which was the highest among the breed. In the frequencies of final carcass grades, Hereford produced 30% of B grade and 70% of C grade in Yield grade and the 3 grade produced in Quality grade. All carcasses of Angus were graded as the grade C in Yield grade and 20% carcasses of Angus had the 2 grade and 80% carcasses had the 3 grade in Quality grade. Murray Grey produced 10% of grade B and 90% of grade C in Yield grade and produced 10% of the 2 grade and 90% of the 3 grade in Quality grade. The Hereford${\times}$Angus produced 100% of grade C in Yield grade and 100% of the 3 grade in Quality grade.


Angus;Hereford;Murray grey;Hereford${\times}$Angus;Meat quality yield grade


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