Characteristics of Technical Pork Quality Profiles Identified by NPPC Scale

NPPC 기준에 의한 돈육의 품질특성 연구

  • Kim, D.H. (National Livestock Research Institute) ;
  • Park, B.Y. (National Livestock Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, I.S. (Department of International Livestock Industry, Jin Ju National University) ;
  • Lee, M. (Department of Animal Science & Technology, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kim, Y.K. (National Livestock Research Institute) ;
  • Lee, J.M. (National Livestock Research Institute)
  • Published : 2003.10.31


Two hundreds and twenty three pork carcasses of commercial breeds were studied for comparing to technical quality characteristics of pork identified by National Pork Producers Council(NPPC) scale. pH and conductance(C) were taken in 1(pH$_1$, C$_1$), 3(pH$_3$, C$_3$), 6(pH$_6$, C$_6$) and 24hr(pHu, Cu) postmortem on 4~5th thoracic vertebrae. Visual color and CIE value were estimated in longissimus dorsi(LD) muscle in 24hr postmortem on the two sites(4~5th thoracic vertebrae and last vertebrae) using National Pork Producers Council(NPPC) scale and color difference meter. Significant differences were observed in pH$_1$, pHu, Cu, CIE L$^{*}$ value, water holding capacity(WHC) and juiciness at all scales(p〈0.05). But, pH and CIE L$^{*}$value were considerably affected by postmortem time and measuring site. NPPC scale was highly related with CIE L$^{*}$(R$^2$=0.77) and WHC(R$^2$=0.66), and moderately related with C$_{u}$(R$^2$=0.59) and pH$_{u}$(R$^2$=0.54), and poorly related with pH$_3$(R$^2$=0.32), pH$_6$(R$^2$=0.28) and C$_1$~C$_6$(R$^2$=0.03~0.18).




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