Development of HPMA System for the Voluntary Safety Management of the Paint Industry

도료산업의 자육안전관리를 위한 HPMA 시스템 개발

  • Published : 2003.12.01


We developed a HPMA Information System to establish the voluntary safety management for the Paint Industry. HPMA System means that manager, supervisor and worker on the process-line find out the hazardous and/or unsafe potentials, make improvement of the field safety by the cooperation with top manager, safety staff and eventually put in the practice. HPMA Information System consists of functions to suggest and evaluate the safety concerns hierarchically from top manager to workers on internet or intranet. We establish the safety management and sharing of the safety information and are able to find the unsafe potentials by the HPMA Information System. Also We are able to mine new safety information and establish accident prevention model by the Safety DATABASE.


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