Morphology of Retinas and Lenses in the Fish of the Genus Zacco (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae): Possible Relationship with Prey and Habitat

  • Lim, Jae-Won (Department of Anatomy, Medical School, Chonbuk National University) ;
  • Lee, Chung-Lyul (Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Lee, Moo-Sam (Department of Anatomy, Medical School, Chonbuk National University)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


Vertebrates with different habitats have different proportions of visual cells, with the rod cells responding to scotopic vision and the cone cells responding to photopic and color vision in their retinas. The present work studied whether the kinds and arrangement patterns of the cone cells and interlocking morphology of the lens were related to the kind of preys and habitats in the genus Zacco. The retinas were observed by a light microscopy using H-E staining method and the interlocking formula of the lens fibers were investigated by a scanning electron microscopy. The interlocking formula of the lens fibers of Z. temmincki is an ' anchor and socket ' connection, and that of Z. platypus is a ' ball and socket ' connection. The cone cells of Z. platypus and Z. temmincki constituted compacted mosaic patterns of row type. Away from the center, the double and single cone cells gradually increased in diameter. Zacco temmincki had identical double cone cells and Z. platypus had non-identical double and single cone cells. The eyes of Z. temminckifeeding on a moving aquatic insects in relative limpid water and swift current of mid and upper stream have better resolution than that of Z. platypus feeding on mainly adhesive algae and some aquatic insects in slightly turbid water of mid stream.


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