The Relationship between Reflux Laryngitis and Snoring and Sleep Apnea Related Symptom

역류성 후두염과 코골이 및 수면 무호흡 관련 증상과의 관계

  • 최지호 (대진의료원 분당제생병원 이비인후과) ;
  • 김미라 (대진의료원 분당제생병원 이비인후과) ;
  • 안철민 (대진의료원 분당제생병원 이비인후과)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


Background and Objectives : Gastric acid reflux has been suggested to have an association with sleep apnea(SA). This study's aim is to evaluate the relationship between reflux laryngitis and SA through the fact that the treatment of reflux laryngitis may impact the snoring and SA related symptoms in selective individuals. Methods : Population consist of 24 males and 10 female aged 34 to 66 years(mean age 50 years) confirmed by Reflux Finding Score(RFS) of PC Belafsky. Thirty four patients with reflux laryngitis and associated symptoms of SA were treated with proton pump inhibitor(Rabeprazole sodium 10mg/day) for 60 days. The degree of snoring and apnea related symptoms were evaluated using questionnaires, and palatine tonsillar hypertropy(PTH) and RFS were compared preoperatively and postoperatively. Results : After antireflux treatment for 60 days, the snoring(p=0.039), daytime sleepiness(p=0.002), and concentration(p=0.011) were significantly improved(p<0.05) and RFS was significantly decreased(p=0.000), but morning headache(p=0.057) and sleep apnea(p=0.083) were not significantly improved(p>0.05) and PTH was not significantly decreased(p=0.328). Conclusion : Treatment of reflux laryngitis significantly impacted the snoring, daytime sleepiness, and concentration in selective individuals. These results suggest some close relationship between reflux laryngitis and SA, and the treatment of reflux laryngitis may be some effective in those with both disorders.