The Study on the Corrosion Characteristics of Cr Plating in Marine Environment

해양환경 중에서 Cr도금의 부식 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.08.01


Recently, with rapid development in marine and shipbuilding industries such as marine structures, ships and chemical plants for ship, there occurs much interest in the study on corrosion characteristics played an important role in mechanical design. This paper was studies on the corrosion characteristics of chromium plating in the marine environment. Under the various specific resistance, the electrochemical polarization test of chromium plating was carried out. And thus corrosion potential, polarization resistance, corrosion current density, control efficiency of corrosion and polarization control behavior of chromium plating are investigated. The main results are as the followed : 1. The polarization resistance of Cr plating and Ni become higher than that of base metal, also and these material become low with decrease of the specific resistance. 2. As the specific resistance decreases, the corrosion current density of Cr and Ni plating is lower than that of base metal. 3. The corrosion reaction of Cr plating, Ni plating and base metal vs. specific resistance is cathodic control.


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