알루미늄합금 원통냉각기의 부식 특성에 관한 연구

The Study on the Corrosion Characteristics of Al-Alloy Shell for Cooler

  • 발행 : 2003.05.01


Most Recently, with rapid development in marine industries such as marine structures and ship, there occurs much interest in the study of corrosion characteristics which play an important role in design of cooling water system like heat-exchanger. Especially, as operating environment of fresh cooling water system in vessels is acidified, this system is seriously corroded. In this study, to study on the corrosion characteristics of Al-alloy shell for cooler, the electrochemical polarization test of materials for the marine fresh water cooler such as Al-alloy, Cu and naval brass was carried out in fresh water. And thus the polarization resistance and anodic polarization behavior of Al-alloy, Cu and naval brass are investigated. Also, galvanic corrosion characteristics of Al-alloy coupled with Cu and naval brass is considered. The main results obtained are as follows ; (1) The current density of corrosion is high in order of Al-alloy > naval brass > Cu (2) As anodic potential increases, the corrosion resistance of naval brass is better than that of Cu. (3) The galvanic corrosion of Al-alloy coupled with Cu and naval brass is activated than corrosion of Al-alloy.


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