A Study on the Characteristics of Noise in Small Boats

소형 선박의 소음 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.05.01


Most of the vibration and noise generating in small boats come from shipboard machinery such as main engine, generator and auxiliary machinery etc. In order to build up the comfortable environment for the crew and to reduce the ambient noise, and provide basic materials for reasoning selection application, the design under allowable vibration & noise conditions and the examination of vibration condition of the new ships, this paper researches the frequency spectrum and order analysis of vibration and noise. The obtained results are summarized as follows : Through comparing the small boat internal noise with the regulation of IMO and DNV, it revealed that the noise level of main engine room accords with the standard, and the noise of other places are beyond the values. In this paper, two boats are analyzed, which are same type, same size and power, but the main engines noise of them is different. In order to search the noise source, the noise of main engine room and relative parts are measured. The third order of measured points is dominant in frequency domain by the order analysis.


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