Maturation and growth of Trachysalambria curvirostris in the coastal water of Geomundo, Korea

한국 거문도 인근해역의 꽃새우, Trachysalambria curvirostris의 성숙과 성장

  • Published : 2003.05.01


In Korea, Trachysalambria curvirostris occurs widely along the south and west coasts with a range extending from Kanghwado in the northwest down to Sarangdo in the southeast. Sex ratio showed seasonal variations, with a mean value of 48.6% for the females. T. curvirostris produces one cohort a year, with the ovaries ripening from July to August. Insemination appeared to take place from June to August, as more than half of the females sampled in the study of over 19 mm carapace length were inseminated. The mean gonado somatic index (GSI) reached a maximum between July and August. The smallest mature female found was a 18 mm carapace length (CL). Size at 50% sexual maturity (CL$_(50)$), determined from both mature females and inseminated females was 18.89 mm and 19.91 mm CL, respectively. The life span of females appeared to be 14-15 months according to size frequency distributions, while that of the male was 13-14 months. Population growth was estimated by the modified von Bertalanffy growth function incorporating seasonal variation in growth. Based on the growth parameters (K = 1.40 yr$_(-1)$ and L$L\infty$ = 29.54 mm CL for females, and K = 2.00yr$_(-1)$ and L$L\infty$ = 18.95 mm CL for males) growth curves showed that females grew faster and reached a larger size than males.


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