A Study on Decision-making Methods for Improving Technical Specifications

위험도 정보를 이용한 Technical Specifications 개선을 위한 정량적 의사 결정 방법론 연구

  • 김범석 (한양대학교) ;
  • 제무성 (한양대학교)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


The utility and the nuclear research institutes in korea have conducted research for improving inefficient requirements in technical specifications using the results of probability risk assessments and informations with risk. However, the guidance for reviewing the improved technical specifications has not been developed. The objective of this study is to develop a decision-making framework for investigating and reviewing the technical documents associated with the to changes of technical specification This study has developed a decision-making framework for reviewing the improvements of the RI-TS(Risk-Informed Technical Specifications). This work may contribute to enhancing both the safety and the efficiency of nuclear power plants by changing Technical Specifications proposed by the utility.


probability risk assessments;decision-making;technical specifications;risk-informed regulation


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