A Study on Smoke Movement by Using Large Eddy Simulation I. Smoke Control Systems and Extraction Flowrate

대와류모사를 이용한 연기이동의 연구 I. 제연방식과 배기풍량

  • 박외철 (부경대학교 안전공학과)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


To evaluate the smoke control systems, the large eddy simulation turbulence model based Fire Dynamics Simulate was applied to a 2m $\times$ 2m $\times$ 2.4m room with an opening. The smoke removal rate was investigated for three different smoke control systems: ventilation, extraction and pressurization. When the opening was closed, the smoke removal rates of the smoke control systems were almost the same as expected. The pressurization system showed a lower smoke removal rate compared with the other two smoke control systems for the room with the opening, and hence the pressurization system might not be efficient for a place with large openings. It was shown that the lower extraction flowrate is, the longer time the ventilation system requires to remove smoke. From these results, the ventilation system is recommended for subway stations where several large openings exist.


smoke control systems;opening;ventilation system;pressurization system;extraction system;extraction flowrate;large eddy simulation


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