Application of Construction Management techniques in Small Construction Projects

소규모 프로젝트의 효율적인 공사관리방안

  • Published : 2003.12.01


A construction project's period is limited by the order manufacture. And a construction project is requested a specific place, and has the characteristic to be irregular. Today, construction is to be representative high-cost and low-efficiency. This kind of problems appears in small construction projects more often than large construction projects. According to this facts, we recognized necessity of making practical application in methods of construction management. Also, we suggest application and establishment of integrated responsibility management department, PMIS(Project Management Information System) and Data Base. From now on, methods of construction management could be good opportunities for small construction projects and local construction companies. Therefore, small and local construction companies should try to improve their abilities. Likewise, the countries systematize to constitute the relation laws.


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