Studies on Growth and Chlorophyll Contents of Major Oak Tree Seedlings under Different Light Environment in Forest

임분내 광환경의 차이에 따른 주요 참나무 수종의 생장과 엽록소 함량 변화에 관한 연구

  • 권기원 (충남대학교 환경임산자원학부) ;
  • 최정호 (충남대학교 환경임산자원학부) ;
  • 송호경 (충남대학교 환경임산자원학부) ;
  • 강병식 (충남대학교 환경임산자원학부)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


This study was subjected to compare seasonal changes of survival rate, relative growth rate, and chlorophyll contents of major oak tree species including Quercus acctissima, Quercus mongolica, Quercus serrata, Quercus varibilis seedlings grown in Quercus acctissima forest under different light intensities. Three light intensities were 81% of sunlight, 34% of sunlight and 21% of sunlight. In each treatment, 100 tree seedlings were planted and survival rate, growth rate, and chlorophyll contents were measured. The highest survival rate was Quercus acctissima in 73% seedlings compared with those subjected to the other tree seedlings in 45~66%. Lowest survival rate was Quercus vnriabilis seedlings in 41%. Oaks tree species of the height, the root collar diameters of the relative growth were better in the seedlings grown in 81% light intensities of full sun. But growth rates decreased rapidly in the shade treatment of 21% light intensities of full sun. Lowest chlorophyll contents(chlorophyll a, b and total) were shown at 21% light intensities of full sun, lowest light intensity treatment in this study This result is thought growth and chlorophyll contents associated with light intensity Also, Physiological characteristics has to be investigated in near future because photosynthesis and chlorophyll contents were strongly related to tree growth with long periods.