Physical Properties of Permeable Concrete Using Slag as an Aggregate

슬래그 골재를 사용한 투수성 콘크리트의 물리적 성질

  • 최재진 (천안공업대학 토목과) ;
  • 박원태 (천안공업대학 토목과)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


This paper discusses the physical properties of permeable high quality concrete using blast furnace slag or steel slag as a part of aggregate. In the case of steel slag, aging treatment was adopted to prevent the volume expansion. With high range water reducing agent, the concrete using slag aggregate showed compressive strength up to 24MPa at the age of 28 days and the water permeability of the concrete was over the level of 0.1 m/s in this experiment. Also, there was no expansion problem in the concrete substituted with aged slag as a part of aggregate.


permeable concrete;blast furnace slag;steel slag;aggregate;aging;compressive strength;permeability