Design of Messaging System′s Architecture and QoS Engineering Model for Global Community Services

광역 커뮤니티서비스를 위한 메시징 시스템의 구조 및 QoS엔지니어링 모델의 설계

  • 궁상환 (천안대학교)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


As Internet is spreaded widely, the virtual communities among people with the same interest and hobby are dynamically created. The exchange of fruitful opinion and information makes them to be closed, not only with the help of the messaging system but also wireless terminals. The messaging system is a core technology supporting the global community services like chatting, messenger, short message services, and file sharing services. The paper focus on the design of software architecture for messaging system and the engineering model for QoS support.


messaging system;QoS;JMS;community service