Calibration for Color Measurement of Lean Tissue and Fat of the Beef

  • Lee, S.H. (Machine Vision Team, Life & Technology Co. Ltd.) ;
  • Hwang, H. (Department of Bio-Mechatronic Engineering, Faculty of Life Science and Technology, Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


In the agricultural field, a machine vision system has been widely used to automate most inspection processes especially in quality grading. Though machine vision system was very effective in quantifying geometrical quality factors, it had a deficiency in quantifying color information. This study was conducted to evaluate color of beef using machine vision system. Though measuring color of a beef using machine vision system had an advantage of covering whole lean tissue area at a time compared to a colorimeter, it revealed the problem of sensitivity depending on the system components such as types of camera, lighting conditions, and so on. The effect of color balancing control of a camera was investigated and multi-layer BP neural network based color calibration process was developed. Color calibration network model was trained using reference color patches and showed the high correlation with L*a*b* coordinates of a colorimeter. The proposed calibration process showed the successful adaptability to various measurement environments such as different types of cameras and light sources. Compared results with the proposed calibration process and MLR based calibration were also presented. Color calibration network was also successfully applied to measure the color of the beef. However, it was suggested that reflectance properties of reference materials for calibration and test materials should be considered to achieve more accurate color measurement.