Study on the Vibration Control of Footbridge by Using Tuned Mass Damper(TMD)

Tuned Mass Damper(TMD)를 이용한 보도교의 진동제어에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2003.12.01


This paper describes a vibration control by using tuned mass damper(i.e., TMD) for an existing footbridge. The footbridge is the simple steel box girder bridge with main span length of 47.7m. This bridge has light weight, low damping and the 1st bending frequency of 1.84㎐. Its frequency is close to a walking cycle, which is 2㎐. Therefore the uncomfortable resonant vibrations due to a pedestrian walking have occurred frequently. The vibration control by means of TMD for suppressing the pedestrian induced vibration was conducted. Taking into account economical benefits and the easiness of installation, a compact TMD installed within a handrail was designed. From field tests of the TMD, it was confirmed that the structural damping of the bridge via. the compact TMD was enhanced by 13 times and the resonant vibration due to pedestrian walking was suppressed.


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