Geophysical Surveys for the Detection of Gallery and Geomembrane at the Imcheon Abandoned Mine

임천 폐광산의 지하갱도와 인공차수막의 탐지를 위한 지구물리탐사

  • 김지수 (충북대학교) ;
  • 한수형 (지오제니컨설턴트) ;
  • 이경주 (충북대학교) ;
  • 최상훈 (충북대학교)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


Several geophysical surveys(electrical resistivity, electromagnetic, seismic refraction, CPR) were conducted to primarily investigate the gallery and the geomembrane at an abandoned mine(Imcheon mine). The subsurface structure mapped from seismic refraction survey mainly consists of three velocity layers(>1000 m/s, 1000∼2000 m/s,<2000 m/s). Top of the bedrock, whose velocities exceed 2000 m/s, appears to be at depth of 7.5∼10m. Higher resistivities (of ten thousands-hundred of thousands ohm-m) are interpreted to be associated with a open(cavities) gallery. The events at depth of approximately 0.5∼0.7m in GPR sections are probably caused by high-density-poly-ethylene geomembrane. Taking into consideration of the differences in the spatial resolution between georadar and electrical surveys, the events of geomembrane correspond to the top of the high resistivities at depth of about 2m. The segments, characterized with the higher conductivities in the electromagnetic data and the lower resistivities in the electrical resistivity data, are probably associated with surface water or tear zone of geomembrane.


geophysical survey;gallery;abandoned mine;geomembrane;AMD


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