Seismic Structure in the Northwestern Margin of the Okinawa Trough

오키나와트러프 북서 주변부의 탄성파 구조

  • 선우돈 (한국 지질자원연구원 석유해저자원연구부)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


The Okinawa Trough is a rift basin formed by extension. Analysis of multichannel seismic reflection profiles from the northwestern margin of the northern Okinawa Trough reveal that the trough is characterized by a series of tilted fault blocks bounded by listric normal faults and half-grabens developed between blocks, showing typical rifted structures. The trough display three kinds of sedimentary sequences with different seismic reflection characteristics: prerift, synrift and postrift sediments. The prerift sequence develops parallel to the dip direction of tilted fault blocks. The synrift sediments, mostly deposited in the half-grabens between tilted fault blocks, are generally well characterized by divergence of the reflectors towards the blocks indicating contemporaneous deposition during tilting. The postrift sediments are featured by continuous and parallel reflectors. The width of the half-graben and the throw-displacement rate of the basin bounding fault are closely connected. The throw-displacement rate is the maximum when the rifting event is the most active and the width of the half-graben is proportional to the rate.


Okinawa Trough;rift basin;tilted fault block;Half-graben;throw-displacement rate


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