Inhibition of Adventitious Root Growth in Boron-Deficient or Aluminum-Stressed Sunflower Cuttings

  • Published : 2003.11.01


The effect of boron and aluminum on the development of adventitious roots was studied in sunflower cuttings. Three-day-old seedlings were de-rooted and grown in nutrient solutions with or without boron and supplemented with different concentrations (from 50 to 700 ${\mu}$M) of aluminum. The number and length of the adventitious roots and proline content in adventitious roots in response to insufficient boron and aluminum stress were determined periodically. The micronutrient boron caused the development of numerous roots in the lower parts of the hypocotyl. A dose-response of boron-induced rooting yielded an optimum concentration of 0.1 mM boron. In the absence of boron, in the majority of the adventitious roots, a significant inhibition was observed with or without aluminum, indicating that the most apparent symptom of boron deficiency is the cessation of root growth. Increasing concentrations of aluminum caused progressive inhibition of growth and rooting of the hypocotyls, and a parallel increase in proline levels of adventitious roots. Supplemental boron ameliorated the inhibitory effect of aluminum, suggesting that aluminum could inhibit root growth by inducing boron deficiency. Ascorbate added to medium in the absence of boron improved root growth and induced a significant decrease in proline levels. These findings suggest that adventitious root growth inhibition resulting from either boron deficiency or aluminum toxicity may be a result of impaired ascorbate metabolism.


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