The Dielectric Characteristics of Turn-to-Turn Insulation for DC Reactor Type HTSFCL

DC reactor type 고온호전도 한류기의 턴간 절연 특성

  • Published : 2003.12.01


Fault current limiters (FCL) are extensively needed to suppress fault currents, especially for trunk power systems heavily connected to high voltage/large current transmission lines. Due to its ideal electrical behavior, high-temperature superconductor fault current limiter (HTSFCL) becomes one of the most important developing trends of limiters in power system. This paper describes the result of an investigation of the dielectric characteristics of turn-to-turn insulation for pancake and solenoid type reactor coil in liquid nitrogen. The influence of thickness in a variety length, on AC, DC and impulse surface flashover has been investigated. Also, the relationships between the number of turn and breakdown characteristics were clarified. The information gathered in this test series should be helpful in the design of liquid nitrogen filled DC reactor type HTSFCL.


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