Field Emission Characteristics and Growth Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes by Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

플라즈마 화학 기상 증착법을 이용한 탄소나노튜브의 성장 분석 및 전계방출 특성

  • 오정근 (충북대학교 반도체공학과) ;
  • 주병권 (한국과학기술연구원 마이크로시스템) ;
  • 김남수 (충북대학교 반도체공학과)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


Carbon nanotubes(CNTs) are grown by using Co catalyst metal. CNTs fabricated by PECVD(plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) method are studied in terms of surface reaction and surface structure by TEM and Raman analysing method and ate analysed in its electrical field emission characteristics with variation of space between anode and cathode. Acetylene(C$_2$H$_2$) gas is used as the carbon source, while ammonia and hydrogen gas are used as catalyst and dilution gas. The CNTs grown by hydrogen(H$_2$) gas plasma indicates better vortical alignment, lower temperature process, and longer tip, compared to that grown by ammonia(NH$_3$) gas plasma. The CNTs fabricated with Co(cobalt) catalyst metal and PECVD method show the multiwall structure in mid-circle type in tip-end and the inner vacancy of 10nm. Emission properties of CNTs indicate the turn-on field to be 2.6 V/${\mu}{\textrm}{m}$ We suggest that CNTs can be possibly applied to the emitter tip of FEDs and high brightness flat lamp because of low temperature CNTs growth, low turn-on field.


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