Evaluation of Fungicidal, Anti-sapstain and Termiticidal Efficacy of Dan-Chung Treated Blocks

단청처리재의 방부.방미.방의(흰개미)효력 평가

  • Published : 2003.09.01


This study was carried out to evaluate the fungicidal, anti-sapstain and termiticidal efficacy of commercial Dan-Chung which are currently being used for painting to decorate and to provide durability with structures of temples. Two binders (Polysol and Gelatine), and eleven pigments (Iron Oxide Red, Lead Red, Toluidine Red, Chrome Yellow, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine Blue, Chrome Oxide Green, Permanent Black, Cyanine Green and Ho-bun(Chalk)) were applied for the evaluation. The fungicidal and anti-sapstain activity of each pigment were depended on the types of binders. When the Polysol was used as a binder, the fungicidal efficacy of Toluidine Red treated specimen was close to the standard value (above 80) with grater than 70 against to two wood decay fungi (T. palustris and T. versicolor). The anti-sapstain efficacy of Lead Red treated specimens was excellent against to three sapstain fungi (P. funiculosum, T. viride and R. nigricans), and that of Ultramarine Blue treated specimens was also excellent to T. viride. The other pigments had little efficacy to these micro-organisms. Although there were some different trends of the effectiveness depending on the types of binders, the anti-termite effectiveness of Chrome Oxide Green and Chrome Yellow was outstanding to termite tests.