Web-based QA Workflow System for Radioactive Waste Disposal

방사성 폐기물 처분연구의 QA절차에 따른 웹기반 문서처리 워크플로우 시스템 개발

  • Published : 2003.06.01


During the early stage of radioactive disposal programs, important issues related with quality assurance of data sets, methodologies, R&D procedures are recognized as important ones. This paper focused on the development of web-based workflow standards for the QA procedures of the radioactive waste disposal programs. The flow of process was analyzed based on workflow concepts proposed by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). QA system is based on the principles of T2R3. T2R3 Workflow was used to standardize and restructure the business and/or work process in the industry or organization. The WfMC has identified five functional interfaces to a workflow service as part of its standardization program. They are composed of process definition interface, worklist handler, application program interface, interface between workflows, and system management. The task flow and QA program were defined based on the workflow ideas. QA procedures for the R&D results of radiation disoposal were analyzed following the reference model of workflow. In addition, six program run list were created and implemented. The creation, revision, and approval of the test data were designed to be inplemented on the web environment. Through this system, R&D procedures such as planning, research, documentation, internal review and future independent peer review processes could be well organized and stored more systematically on the database and knowledge base. This will encourage the usage and data sharing between interested parties through it's clear and transparent workflow standards.