In Vitro Propagation of Anthurium andreanum ′Atlanta′ Developed for Pot Culture

분화용 Anthurium andreanum ′Atlanta′의 기내번식

  • Published : 2003.06.01


In order to establish micropropagation system Anthurium andreanum 'Atlanta', dwarf type, shoots of A. andreanum were cultured on medium supplemented with cytokinin. Callus was formed from the base of shoots. high frequency callus induction was obtained on medium with 10.0mg/L BA or 10.0mg/L TDZ(thidiazuron) at more than 71.8%. The shoots were cultured on media with various combinations and concentrations of TDZ, BA and 2.4-D to enhance callus induction. Callus was induced at more than 72.6% and grew vigorously on media containing 10.0mg/L BA and 0.0∼0.5mg/L 2.4-D, or 1.0mg/L TDZ. Stimulation effects of cytokinin by 2.4-D did not occur in combined treatments of cytokinin and 2.4-D. Callus was cut into sections(7${\times}$10mm), and then cultured on media with BA alone or BA and 2.4-D to regenerate shoots and to stimulate the callus growth. Shoot regeneration and callus growth were effective on media with 10.0mg/L BA alone, or 10.0mg/L BA and 0.1mg/L 2.4-D. In combined treatments of BA and 2.4-D, stmulation effects of cytocinin by 2.4-D also did not occur. Callus growth was decreased, accordiong to increasing the concentration of 2.4-D. In cimbined treatments of TDZ and 2.4-D in shoot regeneration and callus proliferation, stimulated effects of cytokinin by 2.4-D did not occur entirely. Media with 0.5∼1.0mg/L TDZ ingibited the regeneration and rooting of shoots, and callus growth from callus sections. Addition of 2.4-D on medium with TDZ ingibited the regeneration and rooting of shoots, and callus growth. Rooted plantdts were acclimatized in greenhouse. The plantlets were survived more than 98% in soil of vermiculite alone or mixed perlite 1 and vermiculite 1.


Callus induction;regeneration;TDZ(thidiazuron)


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