Effect of Protein and Degree of Oxidation on Viscoelastic Behavior of Corn Starch Gel

산화정도와 단백질 첨가에 따른 산화 옥수수 전분 겔의 유동특성

  • 한진숙 (동의공업대학 식품생명과학계열) ;
  • 박귀선 (동아대학교 식품과학부)
  • Published : 2003.10.01


Viscoelastic behavior of oxidized starch gel, modified with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and the adding effects of protein in oxidized starch gel was studied by dynamic viscoelastic measurement. The storage modulus(G′) of starch gel increased with the increase of starch concentration. They showed higher value when starch suspension was treated to 95$^{\circ}C$ rather than 85$^{\circ}C$. Consistency of starch gel was decreased over 1.0% active Cl/g starch when heated to 95$^{\circ}C$, which means that the swelling of starch granules increased with concentration of NaOCl and showed more sensitive against shear. As the extent of oxidation increased, starch granules were easily destroyed. Therefore, it is hard to separate between compartment of leached-out amylose and that of amylopectin, which means that the ability of gel formation was reduced. When oxidized starches were gelatinized in presence of soy protein and sodium caseinate, it was found that G′ decreased, and frequency dependence of G′ and G" increased with the increased degree of oxidation in starch. The reduce of starch-protein interaction was thought to be through the dissociation of the branched amylopectin, which playa leading role in protein interaction, with the oxidation of starch.


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