Effect of Pig Slurry Application on the Forage Yield of Sorghum X Sudangrass Hybrid and Leaching of NO3-N in Volcanic Ash Soil

제주 화산회토양에서 돈분액비 시용이 수수 X 수단그라스의 생산성 및 NO3-N의 용탈에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2003.09.01


This study was carried out to determine the effect of pig slurry applications on the forage yield of Sorghum${\times}$Sudangrass hybrid and leaching of $NO_3$-N in volcanic ash soil in Jeju. It was arranged as a randomized block design with seven treatments: chemical fertilizer ($N-P_2$$O_{5}$ $-K_2$O=200-l50-150kg/ha), pig slurry 200kg N/ha, pig slurry 300kg N/ha, pig slurry 400kg N/ha, pig slurry 100kg N/ha+chemical fertilizer 100kg N/ha, pig slurry 150kg N/ha+chemical fertilizer 100kg N/ha, pig slurry 200kg N/ha+chemical fertilizer 100kg N/ha. The mean dry matter yield of Sorghum${\times}$Sudan grass hybrid per ha for 4 years(1998 to 2001) was higher(p<0.05) in pig slurry 300kg N/ha(l7,279kg) and pig slurry 400kg N/ha(17,817kg) treatments than those of other treatments. The $NO_3$-N concentrations of leaching water at soil depth 30cm in all treatments were excess the standard of WHO with level of $10.0mg/\ell$ on 20 days of the seeding, but this $NO_3$-N concentrations found to be below $5.0mg/\ell$ on August.


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