Determination of Optimum Cutter Shape for Peeling Altari Radish

알타리무 삭피용 최적 칼날형상의 구명

  • Published : 2003.10.01


This study was conducted to determine the optimum blade shape for peeling Altari radish. To figure out the required peeling force according to various angles of blade and rakes of peeling cutter, two peeling tests such as circumferential peeling and longitudinal peeling of Altari radish were carried out. Based on the pretest results, which performed to investigate the applicability of the optimum shape of cutter and to find out the cutting pattern according to the lapse of days after harvesting the radish, the peeling depth and width of the blade were fixed at 2 mm and 10 mm. From two methods of circumferential and longitudinal peeling test, the angles of rake and blade as cutter shape factors were affected on peeling force. But the peeling speed was not affected on it under the safety speed as 0.2 m/s, without blade vibrating on peeling operation. The rake angle was more effective factor than the blade angle, and the optimum angles of blade and rake were 10$^{\circ}$ and 55$^{\circ}$ respectively. The cutting surface by the longitudinal peeling was more smooth than that by the circumferential peeling. There was no problem in peeling work during 4 days after harvest because the freshness of the Altari radish was maintained.


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