Some Probiotic Properties of Some Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeasts Isolated from Jeot-gal.

젓갈 프로바이오틱 생균의 내산성 및 내담즙 특성

  • 이나경 (경남대학교 생명과학부) ;
  • 김현욱 (경남대학교 생명과학부) ;
  • 최신양 (한국식품개발연구원) ;
  • 백현동 (건국대학교 동물생명과학부)
  • Published : 2003.09.01


In order to select probiotics with a high survival rate in gut and the growth inhibition of virulent pathogens to human beings or animals, we have screened lactic acid bacteria and yeasts from Jeot-gal to assess resistance against the artificial gastric acid and bile juice. Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts isolated were incubated for 24 h in artificial bile juice after incubation for 2 h in artificial gastric acid. Especially, strain HW 161 and strain NK 181 showed the higher survival for 2 h incubation in artificial gastric acid. All of 3 strains of lactic acid bacteria and 2 strains of yeast were showed higher growth rate than the control in artificial bile. The antimicrobial activity of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts was also investigated to prove efficacy as probiotic organisms. Lactic acid bacteria were shown the inhibition of Gram positive and negative bacteria, but yeasts narrow inhibition.


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