Steady State Analysis of Nozzle Ablation Under High Temperature and High Pressure Arc Plasma

고온ㆍ고압 아크 플라즈마 하에서의 정상상태 노즐용삭 해석 기술

  • 이병윤 (한국전기연구원 신전력기기그룹) ;
  • 송기동 (한국전기연구원 신전력기기그룹) ;
  • 정진교 (한국전기연구원 신전력기기그룹) ;
  • 박경엽 (한국전기연구원 신전력기기그룹)
  • Published : 2003.09.01


In this paper, physical phenomena which are related to the high temperature and high pressure arc plasma generated during the fault current interruption by SF6 gas circuit breakers are reviewed. In particular, in order to analyze nozzle ablation induced by the heats transferred to the surface of the poly-tetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) nozzle through arc radiation, a governing equation for the calculation of PTFE concentration is added to the governing equations for SF6 arc Plasma analysis. The proposed method is applied to the steady state analysis of $SF_6$ arc plasma generated by direct current taking account of the nozzle ablation and the results are presented.


arc plasma;current interruption;SF$_{}$ 6/ gas circuit breaker;nozzle, ablation;PTFE concentration


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