Aboveground Biomass of 30 Years Old Chamaecyparis obtusa Plantation in Jinhae

진해지역 30년생 편백 인공림의 지상부 현존량

  • Published : 2003.06.01


This study was carried out with Urich II method for estimating the aboveground biomass of 30 years old Chamaecypris obtuse plantation in Jinhae, Cyeongnam province, in order to solve problems of exhaustion of many time and manpower in field survey for estimating biomass of stands. The results were summarize as follows; Total aboveground biomass production of stands was 137.3ton/ha, which was 71.8% of stem, 15.4% of branch and 12.8% of leaf. Foliage biomass of stands was maximized on the 9.2~11.2m of total height. The ratio of biomass for each part of tree in Chamaecypris obtusa plantation was in order of, stem, branch and leaf in dominant and co-dominant tree, and was stem, leaf and branch in recessive tree. drying ratio by components were ranged 47.3~49.2% of stem, 48.8~52.9% of branch, 39.2~40.8 of leaf and 0.78%~0.89% of died branch. Specific gravity by sample tree was 0.49~0.53 range and there was not significantly different among sample tree.