A Development of Combustion Model for the Investigation of the Waste Bed Combustion Characteristics in a Waste Incinerator

소각로내의 폐기물층 연소특성 파악을 위한 연소모델 개발

  • Published : 2003.08.01


This study is to establish a waste bed combustion model that can be available to assist the design of incinerators for efficient operation control of municipal waste incinerators. An unsteady one -dimensional bed combustion modeling was developed which incorporates the various sub-process models and solves the governing equations for both gases and solids in the waste bed combustion phenomena. The combustion characteristics and the properties of the combustion gas released from the bed were investigated by using a developed model. Besides, a sub-model which predicts the formation and destruction of nitrogen oxides in the waste bed was also developed as a post-processor for the waste combustion model. It is found that the reduction rate of nitrogen oxides is enhanced in the char layer.


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