Evaluation of One-particle Stochastic Lagrangian Models in Horizontally - homogeneous Neutrally - stratified Atmospheric Surface Layer

이상적인 중립 대기경계층에서 라그랑지안 단일입자 모델의 평가

  • 김석철 ((주)라이다텍 환경연구소)
  • Published : 2003.08.01


The performance of one-particle stochastic Lagrangian models for passive tracer dispersion are evaluated against measurements in horizontally-homogeneous neutrally-stratified atmospheric surface layer. State-of-the-technology models as well as classical Langevin models, all in class of well mixed models are numerically implemented for inter-model comparison study. Model results (far-downstream asymptotic behavior and vertical profiles of the time averaged concentrations, concentration fluxes, and concentration fluctuations) are compared with the reported measurements. The results are: 1) the far-downstream asymptotic trends of all models except Reynolds model agree well with Garger and Zhukov's measurements. 2) profiles of the average concentrations and vertical concentration fluxes by all models except Reynolds model show good agreement with Raupach and Legg's experimental data. Reynolds model produces horizontal concentration flux profiles most close to measurements, yet all other models fail severely. 3) With temporally correlated emissions, one-particle models seems to simulate fairly the concentration fluctuations induced by plume meandering, when the statistical random noises are removed from the calculated concentration fluctuations. Analytical expression for the statistical random noise of one-particle model is presented. This study finds no indication that recent models of most delicate theoretical background are superior to the simple Langevin model in accuracy and numerical performance at well.


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