The evaluation of the eutrophication for the lakes by phosphorus loading

총인부하량을 이용한 인공호의 부영양화 평가

  • 김재윤 (한국수자원공사 수자원연구소)
  • Published : 2003.07.01


The purpose of this study is to evaluate and to predict of eutrophication in lakes by using Vollenweider-OECD model and total phosphorus concentration and inflow rate which were measured in 1993∼2001. The results of study were as follows. The annual total phosphorus loading from the watershed was calculated to be 55∼195tP/yr at lake Soyang, 221∼466tP/yr at lake Taechong, 123∼278tP/yr at lake Andong, 57∼109tP/yr at lake Seomjin. These are discharged, far the most parts, from population and fishfarm facility. TP loading on the surface area at lake Soyang was 3.01gP/㎡/yr, 2.82gP/㎡/yr, 2.84gP/㎡/yr, 3.03gP/㎡/yr, 2.34gP/㎡/yr, 1.78gP/㎡/yr, 0.91gP/㎡/yr, 0.89gP/㎡/yr, 0.86gP/㎡/yr, lake Taechong was 6.71gP/㎡/yr, 7.25gP/㎡/yr, 7.24gP/㎡/yr, 6.53gP/㎡/yr, 6.50gP/㎡/yr, 7.06gP/㎡/yr, 7.04gP/㎡/yr, 4.05gP/㎡/yr, 3.44gP/㎡/yr and TP loading on the surface area of lake Andong, lake Soemjin were 5.39gP/㎡/yr, 4.47gP/㎡/yr, 4.56gP/㎡/yr, 4.45gP/㎡/yr, 3.33gP/㎡/yr, 2.38gP/㎡/yr, 2.53gP/㎡/yr, 2.46gP/㎡/yr, 2.54gP/㎡/yr, 4.09gP/㎡/yr, 4.10gP/㎡/yr, 3.98gP/㎡/yr, 3.73gP/㎡/yr, 2.80gP/㎡/yr, 3.46gP/㎡/yr, 3.22gP/㎡/yr, 2.19gP/㎡/yr, 2.13gP/㎡/yr respectively. The tropic states of four lakes can be assessed as eutrophy because phosphorus leading exceeds the critical phosphorus loading by Vollenweider-OECD model.


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